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Hello! We are Freely.

Freely is a media company specializing in projects that touch the human spirit.

A faith and family media company

We believe media can change lives, culture and the future of the world. Our mandate is to create, produce and distribute products that positively impact people, their families and the worlds they live in.

Freely’s heartbeat is driven by the fact that for the first time ever the #1 thing we will do in our lives is consume media, replacing sleep as the #1 activity in a human life.  This statistic made us realize that the diet people consume through their eyes and ears is more important than the diet we consume through our mouth.

Freely, the company, is young, fresh and excited to tell stories, engineer new technologies and entertain global audiences with high quality media that will inspire people to be their best so they can radically serve others.

Currently, the Freely portfolio spans the following verticals:

  • Film, TV and Digital Content
  • Digital Platforms
  • Live Events
  • Talent Management


4120 Douglas Blvd. #306-503
Granite Bay, CA, USA


855-7FREELY (855-737-3359)

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